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Yes, I'm aware that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of jQuery blogs out there already... It's a wonderful javascript library, and can be confusing, so everyone wants to get out there and share their knowledge with people who need it.  I'm perfectly fine with being one more blogger talking about jQuery.

My goal with this blog is to share what I know, and learn more while I go.  In researching for each post, I'm improving my own knowledge.  I also hope to learn from comments that people leave on my posts, with their own points of view on jQuery.  Nobody knows everything there is to know about jQuery, except maybe the people who wrote it.

Questions Answered
Overall Points
In keeping with the idea of sharing knowledge, I also belong to Experts Exchange - a site where people can ask questions on various technology topics, and members will post their answers. Because this is a forum dedicated to experts in each field helping experts in other fields, the answers tend to be more thorough and collaborative, with a real feeling of community.

I also have an account on a site called jsFiddle - I highly recommend anyone who needs to debug javascript/jQuery code use something along these lines.  (There are other similar sites, such as http://jsbin.com but I prefer the layout on jsFiddle)  My public "fiddles" are at http://jsfiddle.net/user/webdevem/fiddles/ where you can see the code for any interactive demo I post on my blog, as well as some that I've created to help people on Experts Exchange or that I plan to incorporate into future articles.

What you will NOT find at my site:
  • Advertisements for my company or services
  • Banner ads to make me money every time you have to ignore them
  • Direct copies from other people's work without giving them credit.  
  • Cluttered, busy and generally unattractive presentation to the point that you would rather leave the site than sift through the distractions to find the content you want.
What I hope you WILL find at my site:
  • Clear and concise descriptions and examples of how to use jQuery, javascript, CSS and various related tools
  • New and innovative ways to use jQuery, if you already know the basics
  • Useful plugins for common requirements
  • Solutions to problems you may encounter

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